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The human iris is a true materpiece of nature. We have collected some interesting facts and figures for you about eyes. We hope you enjoy browsing...

The resolution of the human eye is equivalent to   576 Megapixel.

Six out of ten  Germans wear glasses or contact lenses.

Heterochromia is called if one individual has 2  totally different eye colours. It  occurs extremely rare, only in 4 out of  a million cases.

Die iris structure doesn’t change much after birth.

Some insects have up to 30.000 eyes.

Blue Eyes

Usually have a clearly visible Structure.

The muscle tissues are often visible without any magnification and are run radially from the inside of the iris towards the outside.

Even within one single iris there can be various  shades of  blue and nuances thereof.

If both parents have blue eyes, the decendants don’t neccesarily have to have  blue eyes as well.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common ones. Generally speaking 90% .of the world’s population has brown eyes.

3 out of 10 people in Germany have dark eyes.

The brown colour originates from an additional layer of the pigment  Melanin  which sits on top of the iris. The darker the eye colour, the more of the pigment is present.

Below the melanin layer brown eyes are of blue colour. An American company has specialised in a laser treatment to transform brown eyes permanently into blue ones.

Brown eyes don’t have any visible muscle tissues, but  usually consist of multiple shades of brown. 

Often there are amazing structures within brown eyes which may look like a wave like patterns or mars crates. There are some really dark eyes where you won’t see any structure in normal daylight.

Green Eyes

… Is by far the most rare eye colour. Only 1,6% of the world’s population has green eyes.

Most of the green eyed people you can find  in  eastern Europe, the Baltics, the Russian Federation and in Germany. 

The iris of green eyes is similar to the structure of blue ones. A structure is usually clearly visible but less consistent and restful.

A large percentage of the eyes which appear green are actually not.  It usually consists of a yellow inner ring and a larger blue area on the outer perimeter and just mixes to green in daylight.