Did you know?

The human eye is an extra­or­di­nary piece of art cre­at­ed by nature… Here we have col­lect­ed some amaz­ing facts and num­bers about the human eye. Enjoy brows­ing!

The human eye has a resolution of about 576 Megapixel.

Six of ten  Germans wear glasses or contact lenses.

The occurence of 2 different eye colors within one individual is called heterochromia  and happens only in 4 out of a million.

The iris structure does not change after birth. 

 Some insects can have up to 30.000 eyes.

blue eyes…

…usu­al­ly have a clear­ly defined  struc­ture. 

The mus­cle tis­sues with­in the iris are often vis­i­ble with­out the help of mag­ni­fi­ca­tion and appear quite radi­al­ly. 

Even with­in one sin­gle eye there can be var­i­ous shades of blue or nuances there­of
All babies have blue eyes. The col­or can change whithin the first 
12 month after birth — some­times even dur­ing puber­ty.
Even though both par­ents have blue eyes it’s not for sure that the child will have blue eyes as well.

brown eyes…

… about 90% of the worlds pop­u­la­tion have brown eyes.

In Ger­many how­ev­er only 3 of 10 cit­i­zens have brown eyes.

The brown col­or orig­i­nates due to a extra out­er lay­er of the pig­ment melanin on the iris sur­face. The dark­er the eye col­or, the more of the pig­ment is present.

Beneath the melanin lay­er the dark eyes are actu­al­ly blue. A com­pa­ny in the US has spe­cial­ized in laser treat­ment of brown eyes to make them look blue.

 Brown eyes don’t have vis­i­ble mus­cle tis­sues, but appear to have sev­er­al lay­ers of mul­ti­ple shades of brown.
Often brown iri­des have a „crater like struc­ture“. If you have real­ly dark eyes you might not even be able to see the struc­tures hid­den inside your eyes. 

green eyes…

…are by far the rarest. Only  1,6 % of all peo­ple have green eyes.

Most of them can be found in east­ern Europe, in the Baltic , the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion and in Ger­many.

The iris of green eyes is sim­i­lar to blue eyes. The struc­ture is usu­al­ly clear­ly vis­i­ble but less even and steady.

The biggest part of green eyes is just appear­ing green and con­sists of sev­er­al col­ors which mix in day­light. In that case you might find  a yel­low ring close to the pupil. The most dom­i­nant col­or in the rest of the eye is usu­al­ly blue..