Fotoblock aus Acrylglas


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As with the photo print of the iris behind acrylic glass, your picture is inserted behind 25mm thick acrylic glass, creating an extraordinary 3D effect. The solid width of the photo block ensures stability and is made of shatterproof material with built-in UV protection.

The free-standing and compact design of the photo block does not require an additional mount. These properties make it the perfect decoration on bedside tables, shelves or any other solid surface. The photo block is also a nice gift idea and is available in different sizes.


360° view

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Details & special features:

  • Photo print behind 25mm thick, shatterproof acrylic glass
  • integrated UV protection
  • 3D effect for crystal clear vision and color brilliance
  • Freestanding, compact design
  • Special gift with object character



For that “special extra” on your iris photo, it is also possible to add an effect. From exciting to super exciting! Give your iris photography that special something and add a special effect of your choice.

The effect add-on is specially adapted to your eye and turns your picture into an abstract work of art. Suitable for all single and double images.

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Groß – Ein Auge (20x20cm), Klein – Ein Auge (10x10cm), Groß – Zwei Augen (15x20cm)